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Random (maybe expired) Sponsored Flight Deal

  Qatar Airways GREAT promotion from Norway to Asia or Africa from €322, Australia/New Zealand from €580! (August 2020 to March 2021)
  Multi-city flights from London to Madrid Miami from £214! (Oct-Nov 2020)
  Fly to Sri Lanka for only €415 return from Paris. 23kg baggage included! (Sep-Nov 2020)
  Cheap flights from Oslo or Copenhagen to Mexico City from €341! (Sep 2020 – Feb 2021)
  Fly non-stop from Oslo to New York from €173! (Oct/Nov 2020 or Jan/Feb 2021)
  High season Etihad return and open-jaw flights from Vienna to Thailand from €410! (August 2020-January 2021)
  Cheap flights to French Guiana in South America from €375! (Incl. Christmas travel dates, travel from Sept 2020-February 2021)
  Swiss/Lufthansa high season flights from the UK to Thailand from £369…(September 2020 – February 2021)
  5* Lufthansa AUGUST flights from Vienna to Seoul, South Korea for €358! (August and Nov 20 to March 21)
  Non-stop flights from Amsterdam to Vancouver from €382 roundtrip! (September 2020)
  Return flights from Geneva to Cape Town in South Africa from just €358 return! (Sep, Nov, Dec 2020)
  High season flights from Budapest to Vietnam from €415! (Sept 2020 to March 2021)
  Non-stop flights from Barcelona or Madrid to Miami, Florida from €204!
  Cheap flights from Frankfurt to Manila, Philippines from €356! (August to September 2020)
  Bargain flights to Panama from many European cities from €347 or £336 return! (September to November 2020)
  Return flights from Munich to Ecuador with Avianca from €458 or Galapagos Islands from €627! (October-November 2020)
  Return flights from Madrid to New Delhi, India from €360! (Sept-Dec 2020)
  Qatar Airways open-jaw flights to Australia & New Zealand from €450! (September to November 2020)
  Qatar Airways flights from Sofia to Asia or Africa from €363, Australia/New Zealand from €649! (Sept 20 to Feb 21)
  *MAIN SEASON 2021* Lufthansa/Swiss flights to Bangkok, Thailand from Paris for €336!
  Flynous and Coronavirus
  Qatar Airways cheap return flights from Budapest to Bali, Indonesia for €476! (until March 2021)
  5* Qatar Airways flights from Spain to Gaborone, Botswana from just €354! (Travel dates until Dec20)
  5* Qatar Airways cheap flights from Budapest to New Delhi, India from €347! (September 2020 to February 2021)
  Qatar Airways flights from Amsterdam to Vietnam (HCMC, Da Nang, Hanoi) from €434! (High Season flights 2020/2021)
  Virgin Atlantic promotion: Cheap non-stop flights London to the USA from £228! (September 2020 to February 2021)
  Air France-KLM flights from Vienna to Seoul, South Korea from €375! (until March 2021)
  Fly full-service from UK airports to Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo from £328 return!
  5* Qatar Airways flights to Bali from Amsterdam from €444! (+ Lufthansa Group deal from just €412!)
  Cheap return flights from the UK to Ecuador, South America from £430!
  Thai Airways promotion: Fly from Oslo to 11 destinations in Thailand from €362! (+ deals to Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia from €426)
  Visit Machu Picchu! Amsterdam to Peru for just €438 round trip!
  Fly *non-stop* from Switzerland to Montreal for €303 return! (November dates)
  Cheap flights from Madrid to Ecuador with Avianca from €392! (Galapagos from €626)
  Fly to Japan with cheap flights to Tokyo from Scandinavia for only €340 return! Osaka options too!
  Fly to Costa Rica from €436! Cheap flights from all over Germany to San Jose!
  Air France non-stop flights from Paris to Los Angeles or San Francisco from €309!
  Cheap non-stop flights from London to Antigua & Barbuda in the Caribbean from £374!
  Qatar Airways Innaugural sale from Lyon to Asia from €371, Australia from €742!
  5*star flights to Australia! Singapore Airlines flights to 6 Aussie cities from £580 return!
  RED HOT! Full-service flights from Amsterdam to Africa & Asia from €298 return! Free rebooking!
  Super cheap return flights from Bulgaria to Nepal from €358 return! (+ deal from Belgrade from €420)
  3in1! Full-service flights from London to Serbia, United Arab Emirates & Seychelles for £403!
  Full-service flights from Vienna to New Delhi from €366 return! Etihad, Qatar & Turkish Airlines!
  Fly to the unique Easter Island from France for just €539 return!
  4* Etihad flights from Belgrade to Asia, Africa or Australia from €354!
  4* Etihad flights from Belgrade to Asia, Africa or Australia from €354!
  Cheap return flights from Amsterdam to Nepal from €380 return!
  Full-service flights from the UK to Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, for only £310 round trip!
  Cheap flights from Amsterdam to Paramaribo, Suriname from €398!