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Random (maybe expired) Sponsored Flight Deal

  ITA Airways promo code: Up to 25% discount from Italy on all flights!
  Etihad BUSINESS CLASS flights to New Delhi, India from European cities from €1398!
  Etihad Airways flights from Switzerland to Bangkok from €461 return!
  Return flights to New Delhi, India from Brussels or Vienna with British Airways for €326!
  Etihad Business Class flights to Seoul, South Korea from Benelux, Germany or Austria from €1586!
  Etihad flights to Singapore from 8 European cities for £489 or €511 return!
  Brussels Airlines Business Class flights to Banjul, Gambia from Vienna for €1302!
  Business Class ETIHAD flights Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from Vienna for €1777.
  Return flights to Windhoek, Namibia from Oslo for €411, from Portugal, Brussels or Vienna from €505!
  BUSINESS CLASS Etihad flights to Johannesburg from Copenhagen for €1392!
  Non-stop return flights from Athens to Singapore with Scoot for €400! (+ direct flights from Berlin for €498)
  Low-cost non-stop flights to the Azores from Brussels for €40!
  *SUMMER HOLIDAYS* Vueling promotion: Book discounted flights from €10.99 one way!
  BUSINESS CLASS Etihad flights to Colombo, Sri Lanka from Europe from €1588!
  Business Class Etihad flights to Bangkok, Thailand from Vienna for €1620!
  *FIRST-MINUTE* Cheap return flights to Hanoi, Vietnam from Germany for €431!
  (Non-stop) Lufthansa flights from Germany to Tulum, Mexico for €475!
  Return flights from to Vancouver from Zurich for €393! (+ deal from Germany for €455)
  Business Class Finnair flights to Seoul, South Korea from Budapest, Paris, Benelux or Germany from €1565! (No checked bag, no lounge access)
  Full-service Etihad flights from Germany to Malé, Maldives from €541!
  Cheap Icelandair return flights to New York, Boston or Washington from Zurich for €265!
  Full-service return flights from Geneva, Switzerland to Kinshasa, DR Congo for €571.
  Full-service Etihad return flights from Vienna to Bangkok, Thailand for €534!
  Return flights to Orlando, Florida from Zurich for €343 or Germany for €407!
  Oneworld flights to Salt Lake City from Switzerland or Germany from €425!
  Non-stop Lufthansa flights from Munich, Germany to San Diego or San Francisco for €490!
  Return flights to Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Nagoya) from Germany from €465!
  Return flights from several European cities to Bermuda from €509!
  Etihad return flights to Singapore from 6 European cities for €542!
  Return Oneworld flights from Switzerland to Texas (Austin, Dallas, Houston) from €407!
  Non-stop flights from Frankfurt, Germany to San José, Costa Rica for €494!
  Qatar Airways return flights to Jakarta, Indonesia from Zurich, Switzerland for €522!
  Non-stop low-cost flights from Berlin to New York for €257! (or fly in Premium Economy for €804)
  5* Qatar Airways flights from Vienna to China for €524!
  Etihad Airways Business Class sale: Return flights from Austria, Belgium or Germany to Asia or Nairobi from €1453!
  Full-service return flights to Manila, the Philippines from Frankfurt, Germany for €499!
  HOT! Super cheap SAS flights to Atlanta from many cities in Europe from €202 or £280! (Premium Economy from €510)
  Airport Guide: Barcelona-El Prat
  *LAST-MINUTE* Non-stop return flights from Frankfurt to San Francisco or Los Angeles with Condor from €340!
  *PRICE DROP* Non-stop flights from Frankfurt to Anchorage, Alaska for €421!
  Non-stop Lufthansa flights from Frankfurt to Kuwait for €384!
  Return flights from Frankfurt, Germany to Australia from €715!
  Non-stop flights to Shanghai, China from Vienna for €478!
  Full-service return flights from Vienna to Thailand (Bangkok) for €439!
  Business Class ITA flights to Saudi Arabia from Athens, Brussels or Germany from €990!
  Non-stop ETIHAD flights from Vienna to Abu Dhabi for €210!
  Full-service flights to Tokyo, Japan from Frankfurt for €552! (low availability)
  Qatar Airways promo code: 20% discount on selected flights!
  Qatar Airways flights to Bangkok, Thailand from Europe from £505 or €552!
  5* Qatar Airways flights to Maputo, Mozambique from 7 European cities from €583!