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Random (maybe expired) Sponsored Flight Deal

From Bologna to Vienna, Austria for 12.98€
From Naples to Stuttgart, Germany for 9.99€
From Dusseldorf to Copenhagen, Denmark for 11.98€
  Cheap non-stop flights from Scandinavia to Dubai, UAE from just €204 return!
  Return flights from Bucharest to Langkawi, Malaysia from €444! (Qatar Airways high season deal)
  *PRICE DROP* British Airways flights from Dublin to Denver for €226!
  Fly from Germany to tropical Turks & Caicos from €414 roundtrip!
  Cheap flights from London to Bali, Indonesia from £335!
  Return flights from main airports in the UK to Kigali, Rwanda from £342!
  Fly to Mexico from Barcelona from a cheap €317 with Air France!
  British Airways direct flights from London to Lima £464!
  €298 mid-2020 flights to Vancouver from Paris with British Airways!
  Return flights from main airports in the UK to Entebbe, Uganda from £339!
  Cheap non-stop flights from Frankfurt to Las Vegas from €352 roundtrip!
  Icelandair sale – Flights to Iceland from €61 or £72 roundtrip!
  Non-stop cheap London to Calgary flights for just £311 return!
  Air France non-stop flights from Paris to China (Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan) from €375!
  Return flights from Scandinavia to New Zealand €706 or remote Polynesia from €829!
  Cheap flights from Vienna to (South East) Asia from €322 return!
  Multi-city flights from Brussels to Chiang Mai, Thailand and Doha, Qatar for €461!
  Full Service *non-stop* flights from Zurich to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam €482!
  Multi-city flights from London to Istanbul and Kenya (Mombasa, Nairobi) from £315!
  Fly to Brazil from a cheap €406 from Germany or Spain!
  5* Cathay Pacific non-stop flights from Amsterdam to Hong Kong from €476!
  Cheap flights from France, Italy, Paris or Brussels to Abidjan, Ivory Coast from €241 return!
  Fly to the Red Sea! Vienna to Eilat, Israel return flights for €19.98!
  Etihad Airways flights from Germany to Seoul, South Korea from €412!
  Cheap flights to French Guiana in South America from €322!
  HOT! High season non-stop flights from Paris to Saint Martin from €274 return!
  Fly to Dubai from only €107 return from Budapest!
  Return flights from Portugal to Sao Tome & Principe from €378!
  Business Class flights from all across Europe to the Seychelles from £1165 or €1206! (Based on 2 pax)
  Fly *non-stop* to Seattle for just €366 from Frankfurt!
  Air France high season non-stop flights from Paris to Saint Martin from €387!
  Full-service return flights from Copenhagen to Kochi, Southern India from €413!
  Return flights from selected European cities to Colombo, Sri Lanka from €419!
  TODAY ONLY – Fly from Paris to Ottawa, Canada from only €280 return!
  Cheap non-stop flights from Madrid to Mexico City from €414 return!
  Flights from all across France to Sao Paulo from only €350 return!
  Aer Lingus sale: Non-stop flights from Ireland to North America from €276!
  Full-service flights from Italy to Maputo, Mozambique from €425!
  Non-stop flights from Amsterdam to Madeira from €88 return!
  Return flights from Manchester to Mozambique, Zambia or South Africa from £363!
  Fly *non-stop* to New York from Spain with Iberia from €184!
  Return flights from London Heathrow to Dallas from £259!
  Bargain flights to St Petersburg, Russia from London for just £17.98 return!
  Direct flights from Amsterdam to Dubai, UAE for €258 return!
  Return flights from Europe to Guam in Micronesia from €485!
  Full Service flights to Barbados from many European cities from €425 return
  5* Cathay Pacific high season flights Brussels to Thailand (Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai) from €427!
  Aegean Airlines promotion – up to 30% discount on all direct flights to/from Greece!
  Flights to Malta from across the UK from only £26 return!
  Pittsburgh Mega-post! Fly to the USA with British Airways from ALL OVER Europe from €215!