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Random (maybe expired) Sponsored Flight Deal

From Phoenix to Las Vegas, United States for 26€ (28.64USD)
From Bordeaux to Naples, Italy for 14.99€
From Fayetteville to Denver, United States for 26€ (28.64USD)
From Bordeaux to Fes, Morocco for 20.0€
  Cheap flights from France to RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL for €307
  Cheap flights from Switzerland to SINGAPORE for €344
  Full-service flights from Vienna to Bangkok, THAILAND for €320
  Full-service flights from London to VIETNAM from £295
  Cheap flights from Berlin to PHILIPPINES from €370
  Cheap flights from Baltics to SOUTH AFRICA for €388 round-trip!
  Direct flights from Istanbul to ETHIOPIA for €376
  HIT! Flights from Portugese cities to Caracas, VENEZUELA from €364 by Air France (EASTER too)
  CHEAP! Flights from Paris to NEPAL for €386
  LAST MINUTE! Flights from Amsterdam to NATAL, BRAZIL from €354
  VOLOTEA PROMO: Sing the song (#JINGLEPLANE) and win €100 voucher
  NON-STOP flights from Paris to REUNION for €362
  Cheap flights from Vilnius to NICE, France from €32
  Cheap flights from Paris to LOS ANGELES from €264
  Cheap flights from Riga to BERLIN from €20
  Cheap DIRECT flights from Spain to SARDINIA for €18
  Cheap flights from Barcelona to SAN JOSE, COSTA RICA from €188 **PRICE DROP**
  Cheap DIRECT flights from London to Pittsburgh, USA for £239
  Flights from Istanbul to NEW DELHI, INDIA for €319
  FULL-SERVICE flights from Paris to DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA from €349
  AMAZING! Cheap flights from Copenhagen to exotic PALAU for €379
  Flight from Warsaw to Varadero, CUBA for €163 one-way (Checked baggage incl.)
  Cheap FULL-SERVICE flights from Vienna to Jakarta, INDONESIA for €359 (EASTER too)
  GOOD DEAL! Flights from London to OKINAWA ISLAND, JAPAN for £333
  CHEAP! Direct flights from Paris to LAS VEGAS for €275
  Non-stop flights from Italian cities to ARMENIA from €35
  5* Cathay Pacific: flights from Zurich to NEW ZEALAND for €651
  Cheap flights from Athens to Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA from €363
  FULL-SERVICE flights to CAMBODIA from London for £308
  FLY AROUND THE WORLD from Bucharest for €571
  ** PRICE DROP ** FULL-SERVICE flights from Paris to Australia and New Zealand from €409
  Cheap direct flights from Vilnius to Eilat, ISRAEL from €25
  LAST MINUTE! Cheap flights from Zurich to CANCUN from €361
  Wizz Air launches 2 new routes from / to Romania
  LAST MINUTE! Direct flights from Zurich to Phuket, THAILAND from €253 **PRICE DROP**
  Cheap flights from Warsaw to CANADA (Toronto) from €262
  HOT! Cheap flights from Barcelona to New York from €154
  Direct flights from Paris to the FAROE ISLANDS for €204 (PEAK SUMMER too)
  Full-service flights from Copenhagen to PHILIPPINES for €350
  Full-service flights from Zurich to BANGKOK from €352 (XMAS too) **PRICE DROP**
  Cheap flights from Baltics to New York, USA from €274
  LAST MINUTE! Cheap flights from Germany to ZANZIBAR from €355
  Monese bank card for FREE + €20 to your account!
  AMAZING! Flights from Copenhagen to CAPE VERDE for €67
  HIT! Flights from Oslo, Norway to CAPE TOWN just for €326 by KLM
  WOW! Direct flight from Stockholm to ARUBA for €217
  British Airways: flights from Bucharest, Romania to PITTSBURGH, USA for €285
  Cheap flights from Prague to NEW YORK from €349 by 5* Singapore Airlines
  Flights from Paris, France to MACAU for €357
  Cheap flights from Milan to BRAZIL from €334