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Random (maybe expired) Sponsored Flight Deal

From Rostock to Palma, Spain for 29.98€
From Nice to Stuttgart, Germany for 19.98€
  Cheap direct flights to Guadeloupe (Caribbean Island) from Paris, France from €227
  Holiday package: From Riga to Bari, Italy for €159 p.p (Direct flights + 7 night accommodation at 4* hotel)
  Cheap flights from Milan to ETHIOPIA for €326 (checked baggage incl.)
  GOOD DEAL! Flights to BRAZIL (Fortaleza) from Prague for €384
  Only today! Volotea PROMO SALE: tickets just from €1 each-way (members only)
  Cheap flights from Warsaw to Fort Lauderdale, FLORIDA from €379
  Direct flights from Frankfurt to CHICAGO for €315 by 5* Lufthansa (XMAS & NYE too)
  Cheap flights to MIAMI from Tallinn for €371
  Cheap flights from Moscow to Hong Kong from €313
  Cheap flights from Oslo to RIO DE JANEIRO for €412
  LAST MINUTE! Cheap flights from Bologna, Italy to CORFU from €16
  5* Qatar Airways: Cheap flights from Helsinki to KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia for €428 (Also XMAS)
  Full-service flights from London to Manila, Philippines for £321
  Full-service lights from Barcelona to CHILE from €392
  HIT! Direct flights from Paris to Miami, FLORIDA from €252
  Cheap flights from Geneva to KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia from €351
  Full-service flights from Sofia to BEIJING for €409 by 5* Qatar Airways
  Cheap flights from Bordeaux to CAPE VERDE from €242
  Cheap flights from Glasgow to TORONTO for €210
  Flights from Vienna to TANZANIA (Kilimanjaro) for €440 (XMAS too)
  Flights to Rio De Janeiro, BRAZIL from Milan from €434 (XMAS too)
  SUMMER: Direct flights from Vienna to ICELAND from €54
  Flights from Brussels, Belgium to Nairobi, Kenya from €386
  DIRECT flights from London to COSTA RICA for £299
  Cheap direct flights from Athens, Greece to Marrakesh, Morocco from €50 (Summer too)
  Holiday package: From Slovakia to Nis, Serbia for €39 p.p (Direct flights + 4 night accommodation)
  Cheap flights from German cities to Venice, Italy from €4 one-way
  Summer holiday package: From Germany to Lisbon, Portugal for €149 p.p (Direct flights + 7 night accommodation)
  First minute! Cheap direct flights from France to Martinique for €208
  Cheap flights from Helsinki to LAPLAND for €64 (Also SUMMER)
  EARLY BOOKING! Non-Stop flights to KAZAKHSTAN from Kyiv, Ukraine for €104
  Vueling SALE: 50`000 flight tickets from €9.99
  HOT! Non-stop flights from Frankfurt, Germany to BRAZIL for €360
  MAY: One-way flight from Moscow to BANGKOK (THAILAND) for €97
  DIRECT full-service flights from London to SHANGHAI from £349
  Flights from Lisbon to Toronto, Canada from €318 (XMAS & NYE too)
  FULL-SERVICE flights from Amsterdam to Phuket, Thailand from €358
  Cheap flights from Athens to NEW YORK from €258
  Air Asia PROMO 2019! Flights up to 70% Discount
  Holiday package: From Hungary to Larnaca, Cyprus for €167 p.p (Direct flights + 7 night accommodation near the beach)
  Cheap flights from Scandinavia to many German cities just from €5 one-way
  Cheap direct flights from Paris, France to Sint Maarten for €295
  Cheap flights from Amsterdam, Netherlands to Macau from €354
  Summer holiday package: From Italy to Pula, Croatia for €172 p.p (Direct flights + 7 night accommodation)
  Cheap flights from Basel to Johannesburg, South Africa from €359
  Cheap flights from Copenhagen to TAIWAN from €370
  Cheap summer flights to TOGO from Paris for €315
  Cheap flights from Milan to ARGENTINA from €453
  CHEAP! Flights from London to PHUKET, THAILAND just for £291
  Cheap flights from Dublin to MUMBAI, INDIA from €362