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Random (maybe expired) Sponsored Flight Deal

From Nuremberg to Copenhagen, Denmark for 29.99€
From Dusseldorf to Copenhagen, Denmark for 19.96€
  CHEAP! Flights from Copenhagen to Los Angeles, USA from €197
  Fly AROUND THE WORLD from Vilnius for €569
  Cheap flights to Jakarta, Indonesia from Athens for €372
  LAST MINUTE! Direct flights from London to ARUBA for £297
  Cheap flights from Belgrade, Serbia to BANGKOK from €377
  Cheap flights from Athens to Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA from €353
  Full-service flights from Copenhagen to BARBADOS for €400
  LATE SUMMER: cheap flights from Sofia to KALAMATA, GREECE from €30
  Flights from Gdansk, Poland to FLORIDA (Fort Lauderdale) from €354
  Non-stop flights to Denver, USA from Paris, France for €315
  CHEAP! Flights from Rome to HANGZHOU, CHINA for €379 by 5* Hainan Airlines
  Cheap FULL-SERVICE flights from Paris to TAIWAN from €310
  Cheap flights from Bucharest to Cyprus from €40
  HOT! Cheap direct flights from Geneva to Canary Islands from €40
  FULL-SERVICE flights from London to Beijing, CHINA from £300
  DIRECT flights from Germany to San Juan, PUERTO RICO from €376
  DIRECT flights from Frankfurt to CURACAO for €386 **PRICE DROP**
  WOW! Cheap flights from Amsterdam to Banjul, GAMBIA for €249 (XMAS too)
  CHEAP! Flights from Minsk, Belarus to MALDIVES for €395
  NON-STOP flights from London to Orlando, FLORIDA from £271
  Full-service flights from Oslo to Beijing (China) from €303 (XMAS and NYE too)
  DIRECT flights from London to BARBADOS for £348 by Thomas Cook Airlines **PRICE DROP**
  FULL-SERVICE flights from Madrid to Shanghai for €353
  Cheap flights from Venice, Italy to JORDAN for €34
  Non-stop flights from Milan to TORONTO from €307
  Full-service flights from Prague to PUERTO RICO for €392
  Cheap DIRECT flights from Lyon, France to TUNISIA from €73
  Flights from Paris to DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA from €349
  Cheap flights from Oslo, Norway to LOS ANGELES from €217
  Cheap direct flights from Lisbon, Portugal to Xian, CHINA for €391
  Holiday package: From Berlin, Germany to SICILY for €94 p.p (Direct flights + 4 night accommodation)
  4-Days round-trip cruise from France to Italy / Spain for €127
  Cheap flights from Barcelona to Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA for €353
  Cheap flights from Lithuania to Bologna, ITALY from €28
  HOT! Direct flights from Lyon to Fuerteventura, CANARY ISLANDS from €34
  Cheap direct flights from Edinburgh to FAROE ISLANDS for £117
  Non-stop flights from Dublin to PHILADELPHIA, USA from €278 by Aer Lingus
  Cheap direct flights from Amsterdam to Reykjavik, ICELAND from €90
  Non-stop flights from Warsaw to KAZAKHSTAN (Nur-Sultan) for €173 by LOT
  Cheap direct flights from Frankfurt to Windhoek, NAMIBIA from €364 (XMAS too)
  Flights from Riga or Tallinn to BALI for €498 by 5* Qatar Airways
  Lux Express Promo Code: bus tickets with -50 % Discount
  HOT! Full-service flights from London to Manila, Philippines for £285
  Eurotrip from Lithuania: Greece, Malta, Spain and England for €80 in one trip!
  2 in 1! Flights to NEW YORK and PUERTO RICO from Copenhagen for €331
  Cheap flights from Brussels to ZANZIBAR from €326
  HIGH SEASON! Flights from Kyiv to Bangkok (THAILAND) for €355 by 5* Qatar Airways
  AMAZING! Flights from Barcelona to Boston, USA from €131
  Non-stop flights from Athens to ISTANBUL, Turkey for €76
  STILL VALID! DIRECT flights from Budapest to Seoul, SOUTH KOREA for €267