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Random (maybe expired) Sponsored Flight Deal

From Bologna to Vienna, Austria for 12.98€
From Naples to Stuttgart, Germany for 9.99€
From Dusseldorf to Copenhagen, Denmark for 11.98€
  Non-stop flights from Moscow to GUANGZHOU, CHINA for €330 by Aeroflot (XMAS, NYE, EASTER & SUMMER too)
  Flights from Vienna to Dakar, SENEGAL for €289
  CHEAP! Flights from Munich to MIAMI from €251
  WOW! Direct flights from European cities to AQABA, JORDAN from €10
  Non-stop flights from Dublin to PHILADELPHIA, USA from €277 by Aer Lingus
  Full-service flights from Geneva to HONG KONG from €288 (NYE too)
  Holiday Package: From Lithuania to Alicante, SPAIN for €113 p.p (Direct flights + 7 night accommodation)
  HOT! Direct flights from Paris to REUNION from €313
  Cheap flights from Bulgaria to HONG KONG for €330
  DIRECT flights from London to MOSCOW, RUSSIA from £28
  Holiday package: From Portugal to BRAZIL for €346 p.p ( Flights + 11 nights accommodation + breakfast)
  Direct flights from Budapest to DUBAI from €20 one-way!
  Ryanair launches 4 New Routes to / from ARMENIA!
  Cheap flights from Vienna to The Faroe Islands from €212
  Cheap FULL-SERVICE flights from London to BALI for £325
  HIT! Cheap flights from Lisbon, PORTUGAL to Salvador, BRAZIL for €244
  Cheap direct flights from Berlin to Cyprus from €42 by EasyJet
  Flights from Vienna, Austria to KUWAIT from €187
  Cheap flights to KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia from Helsinki for €398 by Turkish Airlines
  Cheap flights from Vilnius, Lithuania to JORDAN for €28
  ** PRICE DROP ** Full-service flights from London to VIETNAM from £283
  Cheap flights from Bucharest to Cyprus from €20
  Cheap flights from Lithuania to Milan, ITALY from €20
  Holiday package: From Vilnius to ISTANBUL for €174 p.p ( Flights by 5* Lufthansa + 5 night at 4* hotel)
  HOT! Flights from Porto, Portugal to BRAZIL from €244
  Cheap flights from Luxembourg to CAPE VERDE from €276
  HIGH SEASON! Cheap FULL-SERVICE flights from Paris to PHUKET for €382 (XMAS too)
  Cheap flights from Geneva to Hurghada, EGYPT from €55
  Ryanair launches 19 new summer routes to / from Ukraine for Summer 2020
  Holiday Package: From Warsaw to SICILY for €71 p.p (Direct flights + 4 night accommodation)
  Cheap DIRECT flights from Paris to New York, USA from €232
  HIT! Cheap flights from Lisbon, Portugal to BRAZIL from €300 (Checked baggage incl.)
  Cheap NON-STOP flights from Paris to SHANGHAI from €369 (NYE too)
  HOT! Flights from many European cities to EASTER ISLAND from €509
  HIT! Flights from Dublin to Tanzania, Dar Es Salaam for €314 by Turkish Airlines (XMAS too)
  Direct flights from Budapest to NEW YORK from €359 by LOT (checked baggage incl.)
  Non-Stop flights from Frankfurt to LAS VEGAS from €352 by Condor
  HIGH SEASON! Direct flights from Milan to ETHIOPIA for €394 (XMAS too)
  Flights from Sofia to MALDIVES for €439 by Emirates!
  Cheap flights from Kaunas, Lithuania to CYPRUS for €38
  NON-STOP flights from Oslo to Reykjavik, ICELAND for €61 by Icelandair
  Cheap flights from Baltics to LOS ANGELES for €305
  Cheap FULL-SERVICE flights from Paris to TAIWAN from €289
  NON-STOP flights from Oslo to NEW YORK from €197
  Cheap tickets to PARIS from Vilnius, Lithuania from €20
  Cheap flights from Vienna to Langkawi, MALAYSIA from €308
  HOT! Cheap flights from Madrid to Boston from €128
  WOW! Trip around THAILAND from London just for £306
  Cheap flights from Lithuania to Bologna, ITALY from €20
  Cheap flights from Portugal to Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA just from €348 (Checked baggage incl.)