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Random (maybe expired) Sponsored Flight Deal

  Flights from Lisbon to TUNISIA from €106 (Jun – Dec 2020)
  Cheap DIRECT flights from London to Tenerife, CANARY ISLANDS from £18
  Cheap direct flights from Brussels to KENYA from €335 (Nov 2020 – Mar 2021)
  WINTER 2020 – 2021: Flights from Vienna to BANGKOK from €396 (NYE & XMAS too)
  Cheap flights from London to LOS ANGELES from £214 (Oct 2020 – Feb 2021)
  Cheap flights from Vilnius to Zaporizhia, Ukraine for €20
  Cheap flights from Germany to CANCUN from €333
  Holiday package: from Sweden to MONTREAL, Canada for €284 p.p (Flights + 7 nights stay)
  NON-STOP flights from London to ANTIGUA & BARBUDA for £376 by British Airways
  CHEAP! Flights from Brussels to ZANZIBAR for €318
  NYE Holiday package: From Vilnius to Vienna for €216 p.p (Direct flights + 4 night accommodation)
  Cheap flights from Stockholm to New York, USA from €180 (Sep 2020 – Feb 2021)
  Cheap direct flights from Vienna to Reykjavik, ICELAND from €30
  Cheap flights from Barcelona to MIAMI from €180 (Nov 2020 – Feb 2021)
  LATE 2020: Direct flights from Oslo to Krabi / Bangkok from €331
  Cheap flights from Stockholm to Montreal / Toronto from €160 (Oct 2020 – Feb 2021)
  Holiday package: From Spain to Miami for €354 p.p (Direct flights + 7 nights stay)
  Cheap flights from Stockholm / Copenhagen to NEW DELHI, INDIA from €331
  HOLIDAY PACKAGE: From Vilnius to ARMENIA for €113 p.p (Direct flights + 5 nights at 4* Hotel)
  Cheap direct flights from Vienna to Georgia from €20
  Direct flights from Oslo to THAILAND for €333
  Direct flights from Vilnius to Cyprus (Larnaca) from €60 (Dec 2020 – Mar 2021)
  LATE 2020: Full-Service flights from Geneva to KENYA from €363
  NON-STOP flights from Lisbon to Canada (Montreal) from €303 (Sep – Dec 2020)
  LATE 2020: Flights from German cities to MEXICO from €398
  DIRECT flights from Paris to NEW YORK for €206 (Jun 2020 – Mar 2021) **Price Drop**
  GOOD DEAL! Cheap flights from Prague to MIAMI for €284 (Nov-Dec)
  Coronavirus: British Airways expected to suspend 36,000 employees
  FULL-SERVICE flights from Amsterdam to SINGAPORE for €288 (Oct-Dec)
  OPODO UK Promo Code: £25 discount
  7 best places to visit in ARMENIA
  LATE 2020 – EARLY 2021: Flights from Brussels to RIO DE JANEIRO from €386
  FULL-SERVICE flights from Amsteradm to NEW DELHI from €329 (Sep 2020 – Mar 2021)
  Volotea has been forced to ground its fleet and cancel flights
  Cheap flights from Madrid to CANCUN from €278 (Sep – Dec 2020)
  Direct flights from Vilnius to ARMENIA from €27
  Flights from Prague to Fortaleza, BRAZIL from €385
  FULL-SERVICE flights from Athens to the PHILIPPINES for €354 (SUMMER, XMAS & NYE too)
  Cheap flights from Hungary to St Petersburg, Russia from €35
  2 in 1! Flights from Oslo to Johannesburg & Cape Town for €375
  Cheap flights from Switzerland to SINGAPORE for €371
  Flights from Copenhagen to MADEIRA from €139
  Cheap full-service flights to FIJI from Vienna for €827
  FULL-SERVICE flights from Prague to SEYCHELLES for €493
  FULL-SERVICE flights from Amsterdam to Mumbai, INDIA for €330
  FULL-SERVICE flights from Amsterdam to Nairobi, KENYA for €394
  Cheap flights from Zurich to PANAMA for €360
  HOT! Cheap direct flights from Budapest to DUBAI for €49
  WOW! Cheap flights from France to many USA cities from €168
  Cheap flights from Sofia to Sri Lanka / Malaysia / Nepal from €372 by 5* Qatar Airways