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Hall of Fame The Best deals of All Time

  ERROR FARE flights from Cologne to DOMINICAN REPUBLIC for €86! **EXPIRED**
  CRAZY HOT!!! Non-stop flights from Cologne to the Dominican Republic for only €77!
  ERROR FARE! Flights from Germany to JAMAICA for €136!
  ERROR FARE! Flights from Germany to JAMAICA for €94! **EXPIRED**
  HOT! Cheap flights from Germany to Jamaica for only €136!
  It’s back!!! Crazy cheap flights from Italy to South Africa from only €133!
  WOW! Last-minute flights from Dusseldorf to DOMINICAN REPUBLIC for €135!
  HOT! Last minute flights from Dusseldorf to Dominican Republic for €135!
  ERROR FARE! Flights from Copenhagen to NEW YORK for €205 by KLM!
  HOT!! Denmark to US cities from only €190 roundtrip
  HOT!! Tel Aviv, Israel to Boston, USA for only $119 USD one-way (& vice versa for $149 USD)
  ERROR FARE: Dallas, Texas to Melbourne, Australia for only $157 roundtrip
  Error Fare! Dallas to Melbourne, Australia From $152 Round Trip!
  MEGA HOT: Texas to Australia from an amazing $146!
  Virgin Australia – $172: Dallas – Melbourne, Australia. Roundtrip, including all Taxes
  ERROR FARE! Return flights from Frankfurt to Dallas (USA) for 57€ (67USD – 51GBP)!
  ERROR FARE: Frankfurt to Dallas, Texas for only €57!
  HOT! Barcelona to the Canary Islands for only €10 round trip!
  ERROR FARE: Open-jaw from Brussels to the USA from only €64!
  HOT! Moscow to the Dominican Republic for only €88 one-way!
  HOT!! The Canary Islands to French cities for only €1 one-way
  HOT!! Billund, Denmark to Palma de Mallorca, Spain for only €13 roundtrip
  HOT! Summer, Xmas and NYE: Ireland and the UK to the USA (or vice versa) from €191/$190!
  ERROR FARE! Milan to Cuba for only €147!
  MEGA ERROR FARE: Holiday Package in VARNA from Dusseldorf for €4 (Hotel + flights + transfer)
  CRAZY HOT!! Brussels, Belgium to Sofia, Bulgaria for only 49 Cents one-way
  HOT! Cheap flights to SOFIA from Brussels just €1 one-way!
  CRAZY ERROR FARE! Maldives to many European and US cities from €78/ $140!
  ERROR FARE: The Maldives to Europe or the USA from an insane $66 USD roundtrip
  ERROR FARE! Milan to the Dominican Republic for €134!
  HOT! Montreal to Lima, Peru for $263/ C$351!
  HOT!! XMAS: Boston to Aruba for only $187 roundtrip
  HOT!! Athens, Greece to Perth, Australia for only €165 one-way
  HOT! Athens to Perth, Australia for only €157 one-way!
  HOT! Non-stop flights from Oslo / Stockholm to LOS ANGELES from €241!
  HOT! LAST MINUTE: Zurich to Phuket for only €209!
  ERROR FARE: Las Vegas to Cancun, Mexico for only $109 roundtrip
  HOT! Last minute: Zurich to Dominican Republic from €209!
  ERROR FARE: Expedia glitch pricing flights for 50 cents
  CRAZY! Direct flights to Dominican Republic from Barcelona for €169!
  CRAZY HOT!! Non-stop from Barcelona to the Dominican Republic for only €175!
  CRAZY! Cheap flights to IBIZA from UK for £10!
  HOT! From Birmingham to LANZAROTE for just £20 round-trip!
  HOT!! Bordeaux, France to Palma de Mallorca, Spain for only €2 roundtrip
  ERROR FARE: Flüge in die USA // Preisfehler: Hin- und Rückflug fast zum Nulltarif // nur 1€
  ERROR FARE! Vluchten van Berlijn naar New York slechts €0,01
  MEGA ERROR FARE: Hin- & Rückflüge nach NYC für 0,01€
  ERROR FARE: London, UK to New York, USA for only £96 roundtrip
  ERROR FARE: Flights from London to NEW YORK for £97!