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Random (maybe expired) Sponsored Flight Deal

From Bordeaux to Fes, Morocco for 20.0€
From Madrid to Milan, Italy for 9.99€
From Cincinnati to Fort Myers, United States for 26€ (28.64USD)
  5-night stay at well-rated hotel in Northern Spain + flights from London for just £98!
  5-night stay in well-rated hotel in Malta + flights from London for £89!
  B&B stay at top-rated & central 4* hotel in Florence for only €45/night! (€22.50/$24 pp)
  Cheap flights from London or Manchester to Cape Town, South Africa for only £394!
  Brazil beach holiday! 7-night stay at well-rated studio in Fortaleza + cheap flights from Italy for €465!
  Cheap flights from Spain to Salvador or Costa Rica from only €329!
  Cheap full-service flights from Frankfurt to Panama for just €378!
  Peak Summer! Cheap flights from Milan to Ibiza, Mallorca and Minorca from just €32!
  Cheap non-stop flights from Chicago to Paris, Rome and Barcelona from only $274!
  Cheap flights from London to Langkawi for just £347!
  All inclusive 7-night stay at top rated 4* resort in Punta Cana + flights from Amsterdam for €666!
  Portugal, Cape Verde, Senegal and Tenerife in one spring trip from London for £346
  CHEAP! Non-stop flights from Paris to exotic Reunion from only €378!
  Last Minute: Cheap non-stop flights from Zurich to Phuket from only €253!
  Cheap flights from Barcelona to San Jose, California for only €188!
  January beach holiday in Mexico’s Pacific Coast! 14 nights B&B stay in top-rated hotel + non-stop flights from London for £618!
  Cheap flights from Warsaw to Varadero, Cuba for only €151 one-way!
  High Season! Cheap flights from Abu Dhabi or Dubai to Bangkok, Thailand from only $288!
  Cheap flights from Kuala Lumpur to exotic Labuan from only $29!
  Cheap flights from Hong Kong to Cebu, Philippines from only $80!
  Bali getaway! 13 nights in top-rated 4* hotel in Ubud + flights from Los Angeles for $543!
  Long weekend in charming Siena, Tuscany! 4-night B&B stay at top-rated 18th century villa + cheap flights from London from only £92!
  B&B stay at top-rated 5* Luxury Resort & Spa on a man-made island in UAE for just €49!
  Celebrate New Year in Chile and visit Patagonia, Bolivia, Peru and Brazil in one trip from Europe for €769
  Cheap flights from New York to Seoul, South Korea for just $415!
  British Airways flights from London to Luxembourg from only £46!
  Cheap flights from New York to French Riviera or Thessaloniki, Greece from only $335!
  Cheap break in Morocco! 4-night stay at very well-rated riad in Fez + cheap flights from Paris for just €82!
  Spring! Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, North Macedonia, Serbia and Kosovo in one trip from Hungary from €107!
  Peak Summer! Cheap flights from Milan to Granada for just €39!
  Cheap flights from France or Scandinavia to Uganda or Rwanda from only €287!
  Around the World from California: Hawaii, Australia, Qatar, Norway, Iceland, UK, Spain for $1190
  TAP Portugal! Cheap flights from Vienna to Lisbon and vice-versa from only €59!
  5* Cathay Pacific: Cheap flights from Zurich to New Zealand for €653!
  Exotic! Australia, Vanuatu, Fiji and New Zealand in one trip from Paris from €824 (full-service flights)!
  Wizzair launches two new routes from Romania!
  7-night stay in B&B stay in well-rated 4* hotel in Cape Verde + direct flights from Copenhagen for €269!
  Cheap flights from Madrid to Austin, Texas for only €213!
  Holiday in Zanzibar! 7 nts beachfront hotel & flights from Norway for €441!
  4* Oman Air: Cheap flights from Zurich to Bangkok for only €352!
  5* Singapore Airlines: cheap flights from Prague to New York from only €348!
  Emirates: Cheap non-stop flights from Singapore to Dubai from only $352!
  Cheap non-stop flights from Malaysia to Maldives for $170!
  Cheap! Non-stop flights from California to Hawaii from only $257 with two checked bags included!
  Cheap non-stop flights from Seoul to Okinawa from only $74!
  3 in 1 from Meloburne: Argentina, Peru and Chile for AU$1296!
  Cheap non-stop flights from New York to Scandivanian capitals for just $337!
  Across Americas from Barcelona: Santiago, Patagonia, Puerto Montt, Lima, Florida and Boston for €482
  Cheap flights from Budapest to Los Angeles from just €326! 2 in 1 with Hawaii for €548!
  Around the World from California: Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, Qatar, South Africa, Seychelles, UAE, Spain and France for $1313