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Random (maybe expired) Sponsored Flight Deal

  7 best things to do in MALDIVES
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  Airport Guide: London Heathrow
  Qatar Airways flights from Paris to Kathmandu, Nepal from €463!
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  Cheap flights from PARIS to KENYA from €340 by Turkish Airlines (XMAS too)
  Air France-KLM cheap flights from France to Singapore from €341! (Sep 20 to Feb 21 or in May 21)
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  High-season flights from selected European cities to Cape Town from €291! (Nov 20 – Mar 21)
  Air Traffic is recovering from COVID-19 impact
  Virgin Atlantic filed for bankruptcy
  Ryanair restored over 60% of flights
  Bargains to Tanzania from France! Fly to Dar es Salaam from €362 or tropical Zanzibar from €381! (Oct 20 to Mar 21)
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