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Random (maybe expired) Sponsored Flight Deal

  AUTUMN 2020: Direct flights from Brussels to TUNISIA from €124
  Flights from Belgrade to AUSTRALIA for €636 by 5* Qatar Airways
  Direct flights from PORTO to MADEIRA from €41 by EasyJet
  Direct flights from Milan to CANARY ISLANDS from €30
  FULL-SERVICE flights from Athens to KHARTOUM, Sudan for €306
  Flights from Budapest to MALAYSIA from €444 by 5* Qatar Airways
  Cheap flights from Milan to CAPE VERDE from €278
  Direct flights from Lithuania to Rimini, Italy from €58
  Cheap flights from Paris to SINGAPORE for €351
  Cheap flights from Romania to St. Petersburg, Russia from €19
  Cheap flights from Warsaw to Bangkok, THAILAND for €355
  Direct flights from Lithuania to Palma de Mallorca from €80 (SUMMER)
  Cheap flights from Scotland to COLOMBIA from £363
  Flights from Brussels to HAVANA, CUBA for €382
  Cheap flights from London to Havana, CUBA from £363
  Direct flights from Vilnius to MALTA from €78 (Jan – Mar 2021)
  Vueling PROMO CODE: 21% OFF on all flights in 2021
  Cheap flights from London to Reykjavik, Iceland from £17
  Skillshare Discount: 2 months free
  Wizz Air PROMO: 20% OFF on all flights and destinations
  LATE 2020: Direct flights from London to MADEIRA for £53
  LATE 2020: NON-STOP flights from Madrid to PANAMA for €398
  Direct flights from Lithuania to ALICANTE, Spain from €86 (UNTIL Mar 2021)
  NON-STOP flights from London to ANTIGUA & BARBUDA from £365
  Flights from Zurich to PANAMA for €370
  Turkish Airlines: Flights from Prague to JAPAN (Tokyo) for €402
  Cheap flights from Milan to TEL AVIV from €26
  Direct flights from Warsaw to CANARY ISLANDS from €106
  EXOTIC! NON-STOP flights from Amsterdam to SURINAME for €375
  Cheap flights from Milan, Italy to IBIZA for €20
  Direct flights from Vilnius to ATHENS from €55 (SUMMER too)
  Full-service flights from London to Bangkok, THAILAND from £335
  Wizz Air SALE! Flights to / from the UK with 20% OFF
  SUMMER flights from Kaunas to RHODES, Greece from €88
  Flights from Vienna to CANCUN, Mexico for €377
  Cheap flights from Hungary to Moscow, Russia from €27
  Direct flights from Poland to MYKONOS (Greece) from €39 (SUMMER)
  Cheap flights from Sofia to Thailand from €360
  Wizz Air announced 5 new routes from / to Mykonos, Greece
  FULL-SERVICE flights from Amsterdam to BANGKOK, Thailand from €332
  Direct flights from Germany to ICELAND from €40
  Wizz Air launches 5 new routes from / to UKRAINE
  7 best places to visit in Malta
  EU to allow in visitors from 14 ‘safe’ countries
  Cheap flights to BARCELONA from Latvia for €70 (JULY)
  7 best places to visit in TUNISIA
  Nov 2020 – Mar 2021: Direct flights from Basel to Canary Islands from €34 by EasyJet
  LATE 2020: Cheap flights from Prague to MADEIRA from €112
  Volotea PROMO SALE: Flights from €5 each-way
  Cheap flights from Barcelona to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from €355