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Random (maybe expired) Sponsored Flight Deal

  SUMMER flights from Germany to MYKONOS from €19
  Wizz Air SALE: 20% OFF all the flights from / to DORTMUND
  Flights from Brussels to CAPE VERDE for €240
  Cheap flights from Geneva to Hurghada, EGYPT from €50
  Turkish Airlines: Cheap flights from Paris to UGANDA for €324
  Cheap DIRECT flights from Lisbon to NEW YORK from €226
  FULL-SERVICE flights from Vienna to CUBA (Havana) from €428
  Cheap flights from Germany to MOROCCO from €19 (Nov 2020 – Jun 2021)
  Ryanair launches 2 new routes to / from IRELAND
  Emirates will cover medical expenses up to €150 000, hotel quarantine and funeral if you catch COVID-19
  7 best places to visit in MEXICO
  NON-STOP flights from Naples to Hurghada, EGYPT from €48
  Non-Stop flights to ABU DHABI from Riga from €264
  SUMMER flights from Milan to ZAKYNTHOS (GREECE) from €20
  Volotea PROMO SALE: Flights from €6 each-way
  Cheap flights to MOLDOVA from Paris for €20
  Direct flights from Poland to MYKONOS (Greece) from €30
  7 best things to do in ECUADOR
  CHEAP! Flights from Madrid to Puerto Rico from €270
  Cheap direct flights from London to MALTA from £27
  Flights from Vilnius to MALDIVES for €488
  SUMMER flights from Bucharest to SARDINIA from €19
  Wizz Air SALE: Flights from / to ROMANIA & MOLDOVA with 20% discount
  Cheap flights to Mombasa, KENYA from Brussels from €320 (Nov 2020 – Mar 2021)
  NON-STOP flights from London to ANTIGUA & BARBUDA from £370
  Cheap flights from Milan to Ivory Coast from €292
  UNTIL Feb 2021: Direct flights from Oslo to ICELAND from €118
  Flights from Budapest to HAWAII from €542
  Direct flights from Amsterdam to Canary Islands from €50 (Nov 2020 – Feb 2021)
  Flights from Portugal to Sao Tome and Principe for €407
  Cheap flights from Moscow to SOUTH KOREA from €307 (Nov 2020 – Mar 2021)
  Flights from Barcelona to MADEIRA from €123 by TAP Air Portugal
  Cheap flights from Lisbon to TUNISIA from €151
  Cheap flights from Warsaw to Bangkok, THAILAND for €329
  HIT! Cheap flights from Kyiv to MALDIVES for €364
  Direct flights to Morocco from France for €26 (SUMMER)
  Cheap flights from Budapest to ISRAEL (Tel-Aviv) from €30
  Cheap flights from Vilnius to NEW YORK from €254
  Cheap flights to PALMA MALLORCA from Berlin for €26
  Late 2020: Direct flights from London to ANTALYA from £51 by EasyJet
  SUMMER! Direct flights from Lisbon to the AZORES from €45
  Cheap flights from Milan to CAPE VERDE from €275
  Flights from Zurich to PANAMA from €386
  FULL-SERVICE flights from Prague to NEW DELHI for €328 (Jan – Mar 2021)
  Cheap flights from Vienna to ALICANTE from €20
  Flights from Vilnius to CANARY ISLANDS from €98
  DIRECT flights from London to Tenerife, CANARY ISLANDS from £18
  Flights from Oslo to VIETNAM for €384 by Turkish Airlines
  Non-stop flights from Bucharest to CRETE from €20
  5* Lufthansa & ANA flights from LONDON to AUSTRALIA (Sydney) from £501