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Random (maybe expired) Sponsored Flight Deal

  Direct flights from Budapest to NEW YORK for €320 (XMAS & NYE too)
  Cheap flights from Barcelona to GAMBIA from €193 (Jan – Jun 2021)
  Cheap DIRECT flights from Madrid to MIAMI for €198
  Cheap flights from Prague to SRI LANKA for €388
  Cheap flights from Poland to BARCELONA from €18
  DIRECT flights from Vilnius to GEORGIA from €25
  4* Hotels in ISTANBUL, Turkey just from €11 (DBL / TWIN room)
  Cheap flights from Moscow to the PHILIPPINES from €281 by 5* Qatar Airways
  Air Traffic is recovering from COVID-19 impact
  Air Europa: Flights from Brussels to HAVANA, CUBA for €421
  HIT! Cheap flights from Copenhagen to CAPE TOWN from €287 (Jan – Mar 2021)
  Direct flights from Lithuania to STAVANGER from €30
  Virgin Atlantic filed for bankruptcy
  Cheap flights from London to CANCUN from £353
  Cheap flights from Lisbon to Toronto, Canada from €269
  Ryanair restored over 60% of flights
  Direct flights from London to BARBADOS from £406
  Travel with BONUSWAY and save money
  FULL-SERVICE flights from Oslo to BANGKOK from €347
  Flights from London to FAROE ISLANDS from £190
  Cheap flights from Bucharest to MYKONOS for €20
  Direct flights from Budapest to BARI, Italy from €23
  Direct flights from Vilnius to Venice, Italy for €49
  4* Hotels / Resorts in COLOMBO, Sri Lanka just from €5 (DBL / TWIN room)
  7 best places to visit in COSTA RICA
  Cheap flights from Ukraine to CYPRUS from €18
  DIRECT flights from Copenhagen to FAROE ISLANDS from €137
  Flights to MALAGA from Vienna from €19
  4* Hotels / Resorts in PHUKET, Thailand just from €14 (DBL / TWIN room)
  Direct flights from Riga to MOSCOW, Russia for €73
  Cheap DIRECT flights from Dublin, Ireland to TORONTO for €259
  Direct flights from Moscow to New Delhi, INDIA from €294 (XMAS too)
  Cheap flights from Vienna to Tel Aviv, ISRAEL for €31
  Direct flights from Lithuania to MAJORCA from €55 *Price Drop*
  Flights from Paris to Porto for €19
  Direct flights from Budapest to MYKONOS from €25
  SUMMER! 4* Hotels / Resorts in BALI, Indonesia just from €7 (DBL / TWIN room)
  HOT! Direct flights from Milan to Alexandria, EGYPT from €33
  Non-Stop flights from Athens to ETHIOPIA for €330 (Feb – May 2021)
  Cheap flights from Paris to Bangkok, Thailand for €347 (XMAS too)
  FULL-SERVICE flights from Vilnius to MALAYSIA from €411
  Cheap flights from Rome to Toronto, CANADA for €270
  Turkish Airlines: Flights from Oslo to SINGAPORE from €375
  Direct flights from Vilnius to CRETE (Chania) from €89
  Uber launches Uber Boats in LONDON
  Cheap flights from Sofia to Thailand from €309
  SUMMER flights from Germany to SARDINIA from €20
  Cheap flights from Geneva to Bangkok (THAILAND) for €333
  Cheap flights from Vilnius to MILAN for €20 (SUMMER too)
  4* Hotels in KYIV, Ukraine just from €25 night (DBL / TWIN) (SUMMER)