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Random (maybe expired) Sponsored Flight Deal

  3*Hotel in Phuket, Thailand from 5 EUR for DBL (September 2020 – July 2021, NYE Also)
  Vueling PROMO: Flights from €8.99 each-way!
  NON-STOP flights from Paris to Montreal, Canada from €195
  Flights from Madrid to PERU from €371
  NON-STOP flights from Vienna to BANGKOK from €459
  Direct flights from Oslo to NEW YORK from €263 by SAS
  GREAT DEAL! Cheap flights from London to SOUTH EAST ASIA from £250
  Cheap flights to Guadeloupe from Paris from €200
  Cheap flights from London to CANARY ISLANDS for £19
  SUMMER flights to VALENCIA from Vienna from €19
  4* Hotels in BUDAPEST from €23 night DBL/TWIN ( SUMMER )
  SUMMER flights from Milan to Lisbon for €20
  HIT! Cheap flights from Bucharest to Abu Dhabi, UAE from €20
  Flights from Vilnius to FAROE ISLANDS from €258 (Sep 2020 – Apr 2021)
  Non-stop flights from Istanbul to PAKISTAN for €264 (Oct 2020 – Mar 2021, NYE too)
  5* Qatar Airways: flights from Prague to Seoul, SOUTH KOREA for €413
  Direct flights from Lisbon to Canary Islands for €70
  Cheap flights from Barcelona to CHICAGO from €175 (Nov 20 – Mar 21)
  LATE 2020: Flights from Paris to TANZANIA from €359
  Direct flights from Riga to MALTA from €61
  FULL-SERVICE flights from Amsterdam to NIGERIA for €329
  Cheap flights from London to Palma de Mallorca for £19
  Cheap flights from Vilnius to PARIS from €27
  Cheap direct flights from Paris to MARTINIQUE from €286
  Cheap flights from Moscow / Saint Petersburg to VIETNAM from €269
  Cheap flights from Zurich, Switzerland to PERU for €422
  Direct flights from Warsaw to NEW DELHI from €360 (XMAS & NYE too)
  4* Hotels in CRETE, Greece from €23 night DBL/TWIN ( LATE SUMMER )
  SUMMER flights from Vilnius to BARCELONA for €25 ** PRICE DROP **
  Cheap flights from Finland to CYPRUS from €19 (SUMMER too)
  HIT! Direct flights from Budapest to Abu Dhabi from €20
  Cheap flights from Milan to Conakry, Guinea for €274
  Flights from Prague to BANGKOK for €393 by 5* Qatar Airways
  Flights from Amsterdam to Monterrey, MEXICO from €374 (XMAS & NYE too)
  4* Hotels in Vilnius, Lithuania from €37 night DBL/TWIN (SUMMER)
  Cheap direct flights from Hungary to Cyprus from €20 (SUMMER too)
  Cheap flights from Copenhagen to Puerto Rico from €334
  HOT! Direct flights from Sofia to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates from €19
  Cheap flights from Romania to PARIS for €20
  Non-stop flights from Vienna to CRETE from €20 (SUMMER too)
  Direct flights from London to Isle of Man from £44
  Full-service flights from Amsterdam to HONG KONG for €311 (Oct 20 – Mar 21)
  Cheap flights from Paris to GUINEA for €233
  Flights from Tallinn to BANGKOK from €440 by 5* Lufthansa (Sep 2020 – Mar 2021)
  Cheap flights from London to LUXEMBOURG from £19
  FULL-SERVICE flights from Oslo to TANZANIA from €316
  Direct flights from Vilnius to Vienna, AUSTRIA for €42
  Cheap flights from Amsterdam to New York, USA from €211
  Cheap flights to MOLDOVA from Italy for €20
  Direct flights from Vilnius to Cyprus from €35 (SUMMER too)