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Random (maybe expired) Sponsored Flight Deal

  Non-Stop flights to ABU DHABI from Riga from €254
  HIT! Cheap flights from Amsterdam to Boston, USA from €164
  Cheap SUMMER flights to BARCELONA from Latvia for €33
  Cheap flights from Milan to TEL AVIV from €19
  Cheap flights from Austria to BARCELONA from €19
  SUMMER flights from Romania to PESCARA, Italy for €19
  4* Hotels in SICILY, Italy just from €16 (DBL / TWIN room)
  HOT! BUSINESS Class flights to SEYCHELLES from Copenhagen for €766 by Turkish Airlines
  Wizz Air launches 7 new routes from / to RIGA & 1 from / to TALLINN
  Cheap flights from Paris to WASHINGTON for €169 (Nov 2020 – May 2021)
  Flights from Amsterdam to PANAMA for €396
  Wizz Air announced 7 new routes from / to ENGLAND
  Direct flights from Lithuania to ALICANTE, Spain from €64
  Cheap flights from Barcelona to JAPAN from €369
  Cheap DIRECT flights from Barcelona to GAMBIA from €246
  HIT! Cheap flights from Paris to NEW YORK from €164 (Jan – May 2021)
  Cheap flights from Amsterdam to MONTREAL, Canada from €165
  Direct flights from Vilnius to ATHENS from €56
  Cheap direct flights from Budapest to ICELAND from €56
  Cheap flights from Amsterdam to MIAMI from €163 (Jan – May 2021)
  Flights from Zurich to PANAMA for €386
  Cheap flights from Paris to PUERTO RICO from €317
  Direct flights from Kaunas to RHODES, Greece from €70
  Cheap flights from Paris to Hong Kong from €345 (XMS too)
  Flights from Vilnius to Valencia, Spain from €57
  CHEAP! Flights from Georgia to Abu Dhabi, UAE from €20
  Direct flights from Vienna to FARO, Portugal from €19
  4* Hotels / Resorts in the MALDIVES just from €35 (DBL / TWIN room)
  Direct flights from Riga to KUTAISI (GEORGIA) from €22
  Cheap flights from London to GRAN CANARIA for £19 (LATE SUMMER)
  4* Hotels in Bucharest, ROMANIA from €29 night DBL/TWIN
  Direct flights from Dublin to CALGARY from €264
  Turkish Airlines: flights from Oslo to NEW DELHI, INDIA from €303
  Direct flights from Germany to ICELAND from €30
  5* Qatar Airways: flights from Prague to BOTSWANA from €413
  4* Hotels in ATHENS, Greece from €20 night DBL/TWIN
  Flights from Ukraine to Lisbon for €18 (SUMMER too)
  Direct flights from Budapest to Georgia for €20
  Cheap direct flights from Riga to BARI, Italy from €20
  EXOTIC flights from London to Vanuatu, OCEANIA from £695
  Cheap flights to PALMA MALLORCA from Hungary for €19 ( LATE SUMMER too)
  Cheap flights from Amsterdam to TANZANIA for €319
  Flights from Prague to Fortaleza, BRAZIL for €388
  Cheap flights from PARIS to KENYA from €340 by Turkish Airlines (XMAS too)
  DIRECT flights to PALMA de MALLORCA from Lithuania for €56 (SUMMER)
  Direct flights from Amsterdam to EGYPT from €80
  Cheap flights from Barcelona to MIAMI from €163 (Oct 2020 – Mar 2021)
  GOOD DEAL! Flights from Moscow to MALDIVES from €353 by 4* Etihad Airways
  FULL-SERVICE flights from Amsterdam to BANGKOK, Thailand from €325
  Cheap flights to SOUTH AFRICA from Stockholm for €334